Gel with Dip Powder Application Instructions

Rocky Mountain Dip Powder
Gel Method - Gel Base & Top With Dip Powder
Step 1: Buff/File/Prep Nails & Cuticles
Step 2: Apply Gel Base Coat (You can do the entire hand as this won’t dry until cured)
Step 3: Scoop & Poor dip powder over nails making sure to cover the base.
Step 4: Tap off extra powder & Clean around Cuticles & skin as you go then cure for 30 seconds & brush off
Step 5: Repeat Step 3 & 4 on each nail 1-2 more times until desired coverage 
Step 6: Gently buff nails and file edges if needed. 
Step 7: Apply a thin coat of Gel Base and Cure
Step 8: Apply a coat of No Wipe Gel Top Coat to nails on one hand making sure to cap edges & Cure 60s
Step 9: Repeat Top Coat and Cure.
Step 10: Enjoy your new Mani!