Dip Powder Application Instructions

Rocky Mountain Dip Powder
Dip Powder Application Instructions
Step 1: Buff/File/Prep Nails & Cuticles
Step 2: Wash with Dawn dishwashing liquid or apply RMDP Primer if desired
Step 3: Apply a thin coat of Base Coat and then dip finger/nail into powder.  Tap off excess powder and repeat this on each nail on one hand.  Give the powder  a 10-15 seconds to dry and then brush off extra powder on all nails/fingers.  
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 on each nail 2-3 more times until desired thickness.  We recommend 3 dips total or either clear or color/glitter.
Step 5: Apply Activator generously to all nails and let dry 1-3 minutes. This will harden the dip powder/glitter
Step 6: Gently buff nails and file edges if needed or use drill to file/buff if desired.  Make sure to remove/wash any dust from buffing/filing.
Step 7: Apply Activator and wait at least 2 minutes to dry. Wipe your nails clean with a lint free wipe or rinse and dry with a lint free towel.
Step 8: Apply a thin coat of Top Coat to all nails on one hand & then go back and apply a 2nd coat on each nail making sure to seal all free edges with both coats.
Step 9: Wait 3 minutes drying time then repeat all steps on other hand.
Step 10: Enjoy your new Mani!