Clearance Base Coat

Clearance Base Coat

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These are the same liquids that we have always had and the same as what’s available for full price.
However, they are an older batch that we have decided to Clearance to make room for the newest batch.

Shelf life on these will just be less than on the new ones since they had an older start date.

Step 1 in the Dip Liquid System - Base Coat (15 mL)

Base - after prepping/shaping nails or tips, use Base to adhere the dip powder to your nails. 

For Dip Powder Application Instructions Click Here

* At this time we are not shipping liquids outside the U.S.

Some people may experience a reaction to the sight odor of these liquids and may not be able to use them. If you experience any discomfort or have trouble breathing, you should discontinue use and contact a physician if symptoms persist.